Home Additions - Kitchens

Kitchen addition, Hudson, NH

Kitchen addition, Hudson, NH

'Home Additions - Kitchens' is the first of a series of articles pertaining to...you guessed it, home additions! Adding on to your home is an exciting process, and at times can even be exhausting. We're here to share a little insight into the process, from planning and budgeting to designing and functionality. Since 1979, Erickson Construction Co., Inc. has helped hundreds of homeowners with their home addition and remodeling projects, and we're happy to be sharing our extensive home improvement experience with you throughout this series.

Where to start: planning and budgeting for your kitchen addition

Firstly, consider your long term plans. How long will you be living in your home? Will you retire and grow older there? Are you a younger couple planning on having children in the future? Your long term goals will factor into the overall design and construction of any home addition project, and so it's important to keep them in mind. 

Secondly, determine your budget. In the New Hampshire area, a minor kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000. More upscale kitchen remodel projects can cost as much as $100,000. Prior to picking out any materials or picking a contractor, a budget must be in place, and it's always good to give it a little wiggle room. Unexpected changes may pop up as you may change your mind on products or materials down the line.

Once you have established your goals and your budget, our Erickson Construction design team can work hand in hand with you to discuss the project. As this is not just a kitchen remodel we're talking about, but rather a complete addition with a new kitchen altogether, there are a handful of matters to handle with the town in which the project will take place. Being general contractors, we take on the responsibility of submitting applications for permits, and we'll work with officials to determine property lines to ensure there is adequate space to build. We'll also discuss with you, the homeowner, on how to maximize your space to make the most of your addition. We're not just here to help you simply extend your living space, but also to make sure you build smart with your future plans in mind.

To be continued, more on kitchen home additions in our next article...