3 Important Things to Keep in Mind With Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Important items to keep in mind before you begin to remodel your bathroom

Updating your home with a bathroom remodel is sometimes a must. Whether it's an upgrade to your master bedroom suite or to the main bathroom used by family and guests, it's an important room in the house which needs to be remodeled efficiently and professionally. Here are three tips to get you started in the right direction before construction even begins.

1. Style & Function

Style & Function - Bathroom Remodeling, New Hamshire

When choosing new materials, think of both it's functionality and style. Of course you want to love the look of your new space, but don't forget not only what the space is used for, but also consider who will be using the room. You may like the look of a certain tile, however if it creates a slick surface which will be used often by children or elderly, perhaps it's not the best choice. It's suggested to use this mentality throughout the product choice selection process. When in doubt, ask one of our bathroom design specialists during the consultation process and take advantage of our product know-how.

2. Stay on Budget

Have a budget and do your best to stick to it. Remodeling costs can quickly escalate if you don't keep track of product choices, change orders, and the difficulty of the plumbing involved (see tip #3 below!). As your remodeling contractor, in an effort to keep you on budget, we provide you with certain allowances when it comes to choosing your flooring, vanity, etc. We also point you in the right direction on where you can find quality materials with the allowances allotted to each phase of the project. The final decision is up to the homeowner, however always keep in mind your budget. Before choosing materials, ask about any deals which may be available with suppliers in the area.

3. How difficult is the plumbing aspect of your bathroom remodel?

Bathroom remodeling tips

Bathroom remodeling tips

If possible, try not to relocate any plumbing fixtures for the toilet, shower and vanity setup. Why is this important to consider? Relocating pipes or adding/removing others can be a costly process, and you will quickly see your budget nearing it's end before the final product choices are even made if there are a lot. Be clear about your remodeling budget with your design specialist, and they'll do their best to meet all your criteria with your bathroom project while not rearranging the initial set up too drastically.

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