Benefits of a Design/Build Contractor

Many general contractors these days will state they are a design/build company. But what is design/build? Can these companies really design? What does it entail? And how can you benefit from working with a design/build company?

What is design/build?

Traditional home building projects used to involve a drawn out procedure involving architects, engineers, and/or design companies. These professionals would then pass on their plans and ideas to a separate contracting company which would then complete the work. In most cases this involved a number of various subcontractors along the way for different aspects of the project, increasing the margin for error and oversight.

Design/build involves a different approach to this traditional method. Rather than separate contracts with two or three different design and build companies, today's design/build firms allow the home owner to deal with a single contract and single company. This simplified method reduces the number of people involved in any project, and in turn reduces the amount of confusion, mistakes, oversights, etc. The design/build process is highly efficient and reduces the overall costs for the home owner. Sign one contract, communicate with one entity, and know who to turn to with questions or concerns.

Erickson Construction is proud to be a design/build company with over 35 years of experience. From start to finish, our team is there to work hand-in-hand with our customers. We communicate, we design, we build. We Make It Easy.

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